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Getting start

(1) Register to be a ginkgoo user, then remember your uid and access keys, login and go to the console page.
(2) Package and reposity, if you are a common user, just install a reposity on your computer, and then search a packag on the pkg page, or you may install a package with the help of a tool named 'gk'.
(3) Reposity contributor, if you want to join a reposity aleady existed or to create a new reposity for yourself, just do it on the reposity page, but remember that every newlly-created or newlly-approved reposity will be checked by the administrator of Ginkgoo before it can be used.
On the end, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me by email:, good luck for you.

Getting more about Ginkgoo, just join in the mail list <>